Friday, May 18, 2012

Plastruder Clone Update

I've been using my Plastruder Clone for a number of prints and I am very happy with it.  I print between 70 and 80mm/s with out any problem.  The increased weight on the X carriage from the larger geared stepper means I can't print much higher without crazy vibration.

I did notice an issue that I never experienced with the hobbled bold on my Wade's - clogging.  I have had an issue multiple times where the drive pulley's teeth will clog.  This has always been my fault.  It always happens if I set my Z height too low.  As long as I avoid this, I am completely fine.

I never had this problem before with my wades, it would just squash out the abs and make the first layer look like hell, but never clogged.

Now if my drive pulley clogs, I'll get a very weak infill on my first layer and subsequent layers will lack in density once the pulley spins around to the clogged position.  

Moral of the story: be precise with your Z heights.    Other than that, everything is going well, even with the incorrect stepper.

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