Sunday, August 19, 2012

MendelMax 1.5 Build

Just finished my Dark Knight themed MendelMax 1.5.   Great printer design.  I highly recommend it.  Aside from drilling and tapping a few holes, it was extremely easy to build.

I use an old xbox 360 power supply and RAMPS 1.4, both of which are mounted under the build platform.    I painted the Prusa MK1 heated PCB bed gloss black (make sure you use high temp paint).


The wiring is cleaned up with TechFlex 3/8" wire loom.   Check it out on ebay.  I paid $4 for 10' which was plenty and it makes the printer look so much more professional.  Great stuff.

A little more expensive than the standard Prusa i2, but definitely worth it in the end.


  1. how do you use the the xbox 360 power suppy to power Ramps 1.4, do you use the 12V pin and a GND from the 360 PSU to power the 12v side of ramps and the 5v pin and another GND pin from the 360 PSU to power the 5v side of ramps?

    1. The two terminals on the RAMPS are both 12V. If you install the optional diode you can power the 5v from the 12V input.

      The 360 power supply has 3 different 12V lines. Plus a 5V. I used two of these lines to power each of the 12V terminals. The 5v line is only used to turn the power supply on.

  2. Thank you my friend for your quick response, i really appreciate it! I am new to 3D printing world. I am constructing my own 3D Printer to bring down cost. Great work on your Dark Knight theme, it looks awesome!

  3. Chris,

    Did you get jet's invite to the OSFab org meeting at Hack Pgh Tues. 11/13 @ 7pm?

    Show up ---- I invited Ray - who posted above - also. We are all in The burgh.