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RepRap 3D Printer Parts and Accessories:

Prusa Mendel Iteration 2 for use with LM8UU linear bearings

Complete plastic set for Prusa Mendel 2 for use with LM8UU linear bearings.  SAE or Metric.  
I would highly suggest using linear bearings instead of printed bushings.  Much easier to print with. 
All parts printed in ABS, so no warping of parts around the hot end.  Printed on a heated bed at 0.35 layer height. 

Parts included: (Not all parts shown above)
3 - Bearing Guides
4 - Belt Clams (with nut-holders)
2 - Z Couplings
3 - Endstop Holders
4 - Frame Vertex (with feet)  
2 - Frame Vertex (top)           
2 - T5 Pulleys
8 - Rod Clamps
1 - X Carriage
1 - X (Motor End)
1 - X (Idler End)
1 - Y Motor Mount
4 - Y Bearing Mounts
2 - Z Motor Mounts with Integrated Z bar clamps

1- Hinged Wade Extruder (with big and small gears)

I would highly suggest using manufactured pulleys instead of the printed T5 pulleys that are included.  While they will definitely work, manufactured pulleys produce much nicer results.

Please Note, parts may ship up to 10 days after order is placed if your color choice needs to be printed. 

Sold As Is.  Thanks!

$65.00 + 10.50 Shipping*


*$10.50 shipping for US customers only.  International Customers please contact me for shipping information.  Thanks!

Any questions or requsts please contact me.